I’m currently at 35,000 feet, feeling very twitchy. It’s an 11-hour flight from London to San Francisco and it’s one of those travel days you just wish you were at your end destination. I’ve been up since 4am to get to the airport for the first of my two flights for the day. I’ve made this journey countless times over the years, going through the motions, almost knowing to the minute from when I leave, to the time exactly I’ll arrive back at my front door of what used to be ‘home’. I always had the same eager excitement of getting back to the U.S, especially coming back over the hill heading north on the 101 from the airport and seeing the city right in front of you, it’s just such an awesome view and gives me goosebumps thinking about it now. It’s been almost 7 months since I reluctantly had to leave America and I’m more excited than ever to be heading back, as I look out of the window here, at 35,000 feet, I can’t help but think and smile about the action-packed couple of weeks ahead in California. It’ll be a great end to what has been a rollercoaster 2017. To be able to catch up with great friends and play some golf, (hopefully in shorts and t-shirt) will be some perfect R & R. It will also give me a chance to reflect on my 2017 and start to plan and prepare my goals for 2018, where having a full year playing professionally will hopefully put me in better stead.

I have started to solidify some of my plans for early 2018 (as much as I can) and I’m already excited and optimistic about the year ahead. The beginning of 2018 is already set to have some fun travel, which starts with heading back out to California to get in some more winter practice, in preparation for the following weeks where I head down to South Africa for Sunshine Tour Qualifying School. It’s been a while since I was last in South Africa playing and I’m excited to be going back. I went to Qualifying school about 6 years ago, just before I left for college and only missed out by a stroke or two, so I’d like to think that even though standards have drastically increased over the past years, my game has too and will be consistent to get me through both stages. I do love being in SA, the people are awesome and the golf is super fun, they also have the best sunsets and steaks in the world (personal opinion) but nevertheless I’m hoping it’ll be a great couple of weeks as I’ll also get to spend some time with my sister and her family in Zambia before flying down to Johannesburg for the first stage.

So plenty of air miles planned, and an exciting couple of months ahead, providing the golf is just as good and I can obtain my card, it will be the cherry on the cake. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on scores through my results page and for those that follow my social media channels, I’m excited to take you on the journey over the next couple of months.

As a thank you to everyone who continues to follow my blog and give such awesome support, I’ll be doing a prize giveaway for two winners over the Christmas period. All you have to do to enter is like this post and share/retweet it, then I’ll announce the winners on the Friday after New Year on my Instagram page so be sure to give me a follow and keep an eye out for the winners!

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Cheers from above the clouds.


It’s October 11th, and as I open my curtains and look out of my window, I’m greeted with a deluge of rain and heavy winds, and my heart sinks, I can safely say ‘Winter is Coming’; I’ve not yet seen Game of Thrones, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. Nevertheless, I’ve seen plenty of memes to suggest that it’s a relevant line for this particular scenario. I mean it was just over a week ago that I did the same thing in Italy as I embarked on the journey of Q School with the goal and ambition of making it to the European Tour. I enjoyed the motivating feeling of opening the curtains and seeing the fresh blue sky, not a lick of wind and the dew covering the grass like a thin blanket, but that dream quickly faded when I see the rain and come back to reality. When I reflect on my week and review my performance, in all honesty, I just wasn’t good enough this year. I certainly felt as though I played some good golf, but I lacked consistency which is what I found others did better than me, my good shots were just as good, if not better at times, but their consistency was what set them apart. I know that the level of consistency increases as each stage goes on and certainly well onto the main circuit, so I know I have a ways to go.

Yes, I was deflated, I’d put a lot of time and effort into trying to make it and other people had also invested an awful lot of time, effort and money into supporting me too, I thought I’d practiced well and I was ready to achieve one of my goals that I’d been working towards for the past 17 years, but the reality was my game just wasn’t ready for the European Tour this year. I mean the chances of getting through Q School are extremely small, I think roughly 2% of people who enter get their full card, but I wouldn’t have entered if I didn’t think it was attainable for me, someone has to do it. Instead, the week provided me with a lot of motivation and clarity, to keep working hard and to keep trying to improve that 1% each day. There are plenty of stepping stones, in terms of smaller tours where I may find my level to keep working my way up the ladder and that’s exactly what I’m going to try and do.

It’s difficult, no question about it, if it were easy, everyone would do it. But I believe there’s a certain knack to high-level performance and many athletes arrive at this point at different stages of their careers, some never do, but you can usually tell with an athlete when they have ‘arrived’ at this point when they finally start showing consistency in their performances. Years and years of hard work aside, going well over the 10,000 hours mark, I think it’s when they have found their personal formula, when the penny finally drops, knowing exactly what it is they need to do in order to put themselves in a position to perform at the highest level each week, even after time out resting. Now, this isn’t always bulletproof, anyone that knows a lick about sports understands how fickle it is and how one day can prove one result and another a totally different one, but it’s not just that search for perfection that drives an athlete, but also that search for their personal formula. The formula that delivers them consistency week in week out, and I’m sure the few people that do read this blog will be thinking the same thing, well it’s all down to long hours and hard, hard work. I don’t disagree with you for a second, there is no substitute for hard work, but I think it goes beyond that. I mean when you look at the top athletes around the world, how many hours they have to commit to corporate sponsors, travel, fans, meetings, family, recovery, the list goes on, and you wonder how much time they really get to practice, and get quality practice in, which is what draws me back to the point of, I believe they have found, know and understand their own formula. I mean this isn’t just within sports, many successful people in the real world I believe have also found their formula, they know exactly what they need to do in order to work at the optimum level. Whether that’s 7 hours of sleep, no booze the night before, a workout and a solid breakfast before they start their workday, they still know what they need to do to get the most out of their day. Now it’s a little different in the real world because typically the more effort and hard work you exert, along with a little bit of luck, you can almost guarantee you will see a positive growth in your career. However, with sports, you can put more and more work in, and not necessarily see improved results, sometimes it’s about quality over quantity. I guess my ramblings are that I have yet to arrive at that point, to find my formula and understand what I need to do in order to improve my consistency to perform at a level I believe I can perform at, what fundamentals and mindset I need in order to allow myself to perform at my best. I may never actually reach that point, but I sure as sh*t won’t stop trying to find it. Only more experience will help me get closer to it. I’m intrigued, have any of you found your formula? Let me know if you have, I’d love to hear what accounted to your success and what words of wisdom you can pass on to others.

Drivel aside, I’m scheduled to play just one more event to close out the year, and then it’s into the long dark winter getting myself ready for 2018, where I’m hoping I can improve on my already somewhat successful 2017, Q School aside… Yes, I missed some of my personal goals, but when I look back at some of my performances and my year as a whole, transitioning to come back to competing, leaving a full-time job to play golf and then turning professional, it’s been a fun year. I love competing in the arena.

I want to quickly take a moment again to thank everyone for the amazing support I received from not just Q School, but throughout the year. I’m sure those of you that follow my social media accounts, it takes an Army and you guys have been amazing!

Until I think of something else to ramble on about,




It’s been a number of weeks since I’ve turned professional and felt it was a good time to recap on my newborn experiences in the paid ranks. It’s certainly been a new perspective to the game, where now every shot counts more than ever, but I find it’s important to try not to think of that, especially if things are starting to go south during a round. I’m certainly enjoying playing and having the thrill of trying to win some money, and I’ve managed to pick up a little cash with two 2nd place finishes and a 5th in the 7 events I played in so far. I have found in the short time I’ve been out here that there are certain difficulties that accompany the touring professional world, especially at the developmental tour level, where you go week to week on your own finding ways to fill the voids between competition time. It gets lonely, but that is just part and parcel of touring life, I don’t believe it’s something you can really prepare yourself for, you just have to embrace it and you need to be comfortable being in your own thoughts for long periods of time, ensuring that you are your biggest fan, every single day. It’s very easy to get negative and down on yourself and once you start, it’s a slippery slope. But you must take solace in knowing that through the tough times there will be good weeks and to ride that purple patch as long as you can.

Aside from the competitive aspect to my professional career, today reminded me exactly why I grew to love golf. I was fortunate enough to do some junior coaching at my home club, Silloth on Solway and it was such an amazing experience and probably the most enjoyment and satisfaction I’ve had on the course in a long time. I did a little bit of junior coaching at a college event a few years ago which I really enjoyed, we put on a seminar for some young juniors, but nothing to the level of fun we had today. It was so refreshing to see how much excitement and energy these young junior golfers brought to the course. They were competitive, feisty and the pure joy on their faces when they crushed one straight down the middle and turned around to seek praise from their friends, parents and us coaches was something that personally made my day. It reminded me how excited I used to be as a junior growing up where I would go through my Friday night routine of cleaning my clubs, getting my outfit ready for the Saturday morning junior competition and settling down in front of the T.V for a number of hours watching the Big Cat rip it up on the PGA Tour. I’m sure many of you did the same as a junior? At least I’d like to hope you did. But these juniors really reminded me just how excited golf made me feel and now I realize I how much of it I take for granted. I just hope that I can start to tap back into that feeling every time I head out to the golf course, without any anxiousness of how I might play that day, just opportunity to go and rip it, have a blast and give it my all.

I’m hopeful that I can continue to work with the juniors over the weeks and look forward to seeing them progress, fueling their desire to keep playing and to always be competitive with one another.

As I look ahead, I leave for Italy at the end of the month for the first stage of European Tour School. I’m excited for the week and the challenge of trying to get through all 3 stages to obtain my tour card. A process which is gruelling, and tests not only your golf but character as well. Either way, I’m hoping to be my younger self and look forward to the challenge!

As always, I really appreciate the support you guys give me whether it be on social media or out and about, it means a lot to me. I’ll keep you posted on my results as and when they come in, I’ve got some exciting stuff to share with you hopefully over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for a blog update, and if you’re playing golf this weekend, tee it high and let it fly baby!


Seb 🏌🏼


Have you ever wanted to see and buy the latest products your favorite athletes use? Get the inside scoop and latest information on them? Thanks to Like A Pro, you can do just that. It’s a pleasure to announce my latest partnership with such a great company and be a part of a rapidly growing team full of awesome athletes.

So let me explain a little bit about Like A Pro.

“Like A Pro provides fans with a raw look at their favorite athlete’s career, their real personal life and all the gear they use and love every day…in the athlete’s own words. Behind the scenes videos, specialized training regimens, secret gear to give you that special edge, and everything else an athlete cares about can be found on Like A Pro. There is no place in the world where fans can get closer to their favorite sports heroes and truly learn what it’s like to be a pro.”

It’s a huge privilege and an honor to be the first golfer signed by Like A Pro and I’m very excited for what’s to come. I promise you, if you go check out their website, you’ll find yourself immersed in cool content for quite some time!

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Hello everyone,

It is with great joy and excitement to announce today that I have made the decision to take my golf career to the next step. I have without a doubt, thoroughly enjoyed my time as an amateur golfer, having had my own individual successes, the opportunity to play collegiate golf in America at USF, and also having the honor of being able to represent my country around the world at both a boy’s and men’s level. I do however feel there comes a time where you must take a leap in order to stay motivated and to keep moving forward, and for me, that time is now. To the people and organizations who have helped me get to this point, I can’t thank you enough for your help and support, it means a great deal to me and I hope you will continue to support me as I journey my way into professional golf.

As I embark on my professional career, I am fortunate enough to have already joined with some amazing companies who I’m proud to have as part of the team. These people help me to become the best I can be on and off the golf course, and I look forward to working with them on the rocky journey to the top. You can read more about them and check out their websites on either the Sponsors Page or by clicking the links below.


As always, I will keep my website as up to date as possible, giving you the latest news and  results.

If you are an individual, brand or company who is interested in sponsoring and joining the team, or know of anyone who may be interested, please reach out by heading to my contact page and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you again to everyone for the continued love and support, it’s going to be a hell of a journey! 


Seb 🙂

It is with great pleasure to welcome a new partner to the team, TRX Training.

An incredible company with their products used in near enough every gym around the world. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, I’m sure you’ve seen the formidable yellow and black straps hanging in the gym somewhere. 

Since graduating from college, I needed to find a workout that would continue to help improve my fitness and my golf. I’ve used the TRX straps on and off during different workouts over the years, but never have I used them for a full workout before. The results yielded over the past months have been fantastic and I have never felt fitter, stronger and healthier than before. It has shown huge positives in my golf game along with increases in my flexibility, mobility and strength. If you have not yet tried TRX, I highly recommend trying it out. The premise behind TRX is you moving around your own body weight, it’s a workout for everyone, no matter your age, and without the need to throw heavy weights around a gym. It’s low impact and can be done literally anywhere you can anchor your strap, even from the comfort of your own home!

I’m very excited for what’s in store for the future and to keep improving each day on my fitness with TRX. Stayed tuned for videos and pictures of me doing my TRX workout routine!

For more information, you can check out their website by clicking here on how you can get involved in becoming fitter, stronger and healthier everyday with TRX.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a team.”

Cheers 😊



Some things require a fresh start, a chance to evaluate and press reset, and I felt that it was now time after 6 years, to move on from just a blog and create a proper website.

As my first post, I firstly wanted to say thank you! You’re here, which means a lot to me and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all, giving you an inside look into the up and down experiences I’m sure I’ll have along my professional career, hopefully to the top! I personally feel websites and blogs can give you, the reader, a little more detail and insight into the reasoning behind things, as results and images don’t always give the full story. So hopefully, you will enjoy these light readings and I can create a better picture for you.

My goal is to try and keep the posts short and sweet, hopefully being somewhat informational to you, maybe a little inspiring, and sharing the nuggets of information I hear along the way, but all in all, my goal is to provide you with great content. If there is something you wish to see more of, or less of, please feel free to comment and reach out, I’m always looking to improve and provide you all with a better experience.

As a quick recap on my golf, it’s been a very successful few weeks. I competed in back to back tournaments, putting myself in contention to win tournaments again, which was an incredible feeling. My game feels in great shape, which motivates me even more for the summer ahead and while I have worked for the past 12 months, it’s been a great learning experience on how to best structure my practices to be more effective with quality over quantity. I feel 2017 is going to be a great year for me and has already showed a lot of promise.

I return back to the U.K for the foreseeable future next month (May) and it’s both an exciting and strange feeling. I have created so many incredible memories and a whole new life out here in the U.S, that makes it even harder to leave after meeting so many amazing people. I am excited to start my career as a golfer and my hope, is to return some day soon to the U.S to play my golf out here.

Thanks again for your continued support! You can see my previous results by clicking here.


Seb 👍🏼