Born and raised in a small town in the North West of England, sports have always been at the centre of my life. I struggle to remember a time when I wasn’t involved in some kind of sporting activity, whether that be football, rugby, cricket, swimming or golf, I was one of those kids who just wanted to be involved in it all. I loved the competitiveness, whether that was working in a team or alone, I was always trying to win. For me, there’s something about the journey to keep improving every single day that not only motivates but excites and inspires me to keep working hard.

I started playing golf from the tender age of 7 and seemed to have a natural talent for it. I quickly brought down my handicap and started to win some tournaments with the help and support from my parents. While I was also a swimmer and a footballer until the age of 12, I decided that it was time to give golf my full commitment. Although as never easy as it sounds, I managed to work my way up through the various county and regional squads and finally onto the England National Team. I’m honored to have represented England at both boys and men’s level for 6 consecutive years and also to have represented GB&I back in 2009. You could say that choosing golf, turned out to be the right decision.

School had always been a love-hate relationship for me, in my school years, I spent a lot of time travelling to tournaments and competing, whether that be individually or representing England, it however, unfortunately, showed in my grades. It wasn’t until I attended the University of San Francisco on a full Golf Scholarship where I came to appreciate the value of a solid education, thankfully graduating with a B.A in Advertising in May of 2016, much to the amazement of my parents. After spending an additional year working as a Brand Strategist in downtown San Francisco while still maintaining my practice and competitiveness on the golf course, I signed off an incredible 5-year experience in America, where my hope is to return someday soon.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve widened my hobbies to give myself some downtime away from the course, taking a great interest in Photography and acquiring a taste for fine wine. Living for 5 years in San Francisco, a stone’s throw from Napa Valley, it’s hard not to acquire a taste for the beautiful wines that are available in this part of the world, so, whenever I’m with good company, we like to try and find a new favourite bottle to share.

After a number of years playing Professional golf and many great experiences, I felt it was time to take an initial step back to Amateur golf, I’m incredibly lucky that I get to experience the world one shot at a time, whether that be as a Professional or as an Amateur!