Playing The Odds.

The hero play. We all try it at some point, depending on your respected career you’ll try it more frequently than others. Sometimes it comes off and we look like Zeus, aaand sometimes, well, not so much and we end up with egg on our face. But it’s a risk we’re willing to take if we want to achieve something greater than what we realised we were capable of. Now, yes, there are certainly times when we need to take our chips off the table and play it safe, it’s knowing when to push and when to fold which is key in many successful people, their judgements are more often than not right, but that comes through time and experience.

I realise my last few blogs have been somewhat on the negative side and more open than usual, and I certainly don’t want negativity to be a common trend of this website/blog. So, here I bring you some more uplifting news! Over the past couple of weeks, I have thankfully started to rekindle some love for the game, seeing a glint of light at the end of this long tunnel, feeling a bit of consistency returning to my game since coming out to the U.S for Open Qualifying. Now, unfortunately, I didn’t get through qualifying this year, but I played a lot of exciting golf. I got off to a hot start being 3 under through 5, which was unfamiliar territory in light of my recent form but it was fun to be on that side of the coin again. I did incur a couple of ‘hero play’ moments which looking back were unrealistic and unnecessary, ultimately I feel it cost me my place in final qualifying, but, we live and learn.

So what’s the secret to my new found progress on consistency and rekindled enjoyment? Well, it’s nothing revolutionary like clubs or funky gadgets, it’s just going back to basics and having some sunshine in the sky. I realised I was trying to reinvent the wheel at times, which is difficult when we’re trying to be a step ahead of the competition, a lot of the time we feel in the game that unless we’re changing something we’re not advancing, and this runs so true in players throughout the game, ultimately I feel like they usually go back to their roots whether it be with equipment or technical stuff. I guess the age old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” runs true. So thankfully I feel like I’m starting to have clearer goals and most importantly looking forward to hitting the links again.

On a final note, I have been blown away over the last few weeks by the tremendous amounts of support I have received, especially after my last post. I can’t explain enough how humbling it is that so many people keep in touch and want me to have success in this game. To have so many virtual and physical helping hands from all over the world picking up my spirits and showing support to keep pushing through is incredible, truly, thank you so much!

Until next time


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